Whether you’ve tried to lose weight many times before or this is your first attempt, you’re
more likely to achieve long-term success with the support of weight loss counseling. Our team
understands the challenges of losing weight and works with each patient to develop a
customized diet plan that fits their lifestyle and goals. To get started on your weight loss
program call the office or book online.

Why is it so hard to lose weight?

When you gain weight, your hormones change in ways that hinder your weight loss efforts.
For example, patients who are overweight often develop leptin resistance. When you’re
resistant to leptin, you can carry extra weight, yet your brain thinks you’re low on energy
reserves. As a result, you feel hungrier throughout the day and eat more than you usually

Why does weight loss counseling improve your weight loss success?

Our team can help you get off the weight loss roller coaster and overcome the influence of
hormones with a medically supervised diet and nutrition guidance. The doctor also provides
emotional support that helps you persevere until you reach your weight loss goals.
Patients are more motivated to stick with a weight loss plan when they work with a doctor
because of the extra support and accountability.

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