Medical Weight Loss

At Infinity Health and Wellness, we know just how seriously you take your weight loss, and we do too. We use a comprehensive system, personalized by your medical team. Taking into account all of your personal goals, body type and metabolism, we will craft the ideal program for you. We customize our physician supervised medical weight loss program for each individual.

Our goal with our medical weight loss patients is for a healthy weight forevermore.

Whether you want to lose a few inches of fat or lose a few pounds, we will guide you
in your journey to reach your weight loss goals. Our safe and effective program offers FDA approved appetite suppressants, B12 Injections, Lipotropic injections, fat burning supplements, nutritional counseling and much more.

Part of your plan you may include Lipotropics. Lipotropics are injections that help trap and eliminate fat. Phentermine may be another option if you struggle with appetite control. Additionally, your medical provider can help create a plan that includes recommended exercise, supplements, and nutrition counseling.

We believe that medical weight loss is more effective when handled as a team with open and honest communication. Here at Infinity Health and Wellness we can do more than just help you lose weight. We can help you change your relationship with food and your body. All to help you live your best life!

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Actual Review of Medical Weight Loss Patient:

“When you walk in the lobby is super sleek and modern in design and SO clean! The receptionist gals were friendly and the check in process was fast and easy. Just a few questions on an iPad and I was done.

It was a really nice touch that Brandon, the NP came out i to the lobby to warmly greet me and take me back to a patient room. He was very professional, super knowledgeable. This was the first time I’ve ever considered medical weight loss but he has an easy going relaxed personality and made me feel very comfortable. Next I visited with The PA, Patrick. Really nice guy who explained everything in detail, and what the best options were to fit my individual goals. I opted to get a Methyl-B injection and to start on Phentermine treatment. I also am going to come back every week for a MIC injection!

They do accept most major commercial insurance plans, just not AHCCCS OR MEDICARE.
Even without insurance, the cash prices are lower that any dr I’ve ever been to. I highly recommend this office”! -Stephanie P.

What Is Medical Weight Loss?

weight loss program in Gilbert AZMedical weight loss at Infinity Health & Wellness is a clinically proven approach to help people lose weight and keep it off. It’s not a diet where you eat only prepared foods supplied by some company, and once you return to regular foods the weight returns.

Our medical weight loss programs begin with a comprehensive medical exam. We’ll look at your blood pressure, body composition, metabolism, eating and exercise patterns, and other possible tests. We’ll discuss where you want to go with your weight loss. And then we design a plan just for you.

What Is Involved With Medical Weight Loss

Our medical weight loss programs involve three phases: active weight loss, transition, and maintenance. We actively supervise you through each phase.

  • Active Weight Loss – We’ll set an initial calorie goal for you because the bottom line here is that you’ve been consuming more calories than you’ve been burning. We need to change the ratio to the other way around. With your calorie goal, we usually include selected pharmaceutical appetite suppressants (usually phentermine) to eliminate your food cravings. In this phase you’ll lose weight quickly, especially if you’re 25 pounds or more over your ideal weight.
  • Transition – In this second phase you’ve lost a good deal of weight, so now we remove any pharmaceutical appetite suppressants. We counsel you and help you understand how your past eating habits allowed weight gain, and how different your current eating habits are. Now, it’s time for you to begin to own your weight loss/management. The transition phase involves the most education for the future.
  • Maintenance – Now you’re at your target weight. You’ve done it! Like sending a child off to college, in this phase, we prep you to take full control of your weight management for the rest of your life, a life that now looks much healthier moving forward.

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Would I Be A Good Candidate?

First off, this isn’t bariatric surgery. Not even close. This is medically supervised, clinically driven weight loss. We don’t make you buy all of your food from us. This is our team, educating and guiding you through weight loss and transitioning into maintenance for the long haul.

weight loss | Gilbert AZAsk yourself if you’re a good candidate. Are you tired of the latest fad diet and the constant yo-yoing of your weight? Have you tried pre-packaged “diet” food only to balloon back up when you actually went to the store on your own? In the back of your mind, have you been thinking maybe you can’t lose the weight? If those “ifs” sound like you, then you’re a great candidate for medical weight loss at Infinity Health & Wellness.

Are There Different Medical Weight Loss Plans?

We tailor each medical weight loss plan specifically to the patient. Everyone loses weight and thinks about food in different ways, so we don’t force you into this or that plan. Instead, we discuss your goals. How fast do you want to lose the weight? How much weight do you want to lose? How do you feel about using pharmaceutical appetite suppressants? How do you feel about MIC lipotropic fat-burning injections. Those kinds of things. From there we design a weight loss plan just for you.

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How Is Phentermine Used In Your Medical Weight Loss Programs?

Phentermine is a stimulant that is similar to an amphetamine. It acts as an appetite suppressant, affecting the central nervous system to do so. Phentermine makes you feel full for a longer period of time, limiting the cravings to eat more. Phentermine is used only during the active weight loss phase of any plan. It is taken in the morning before eating breakfast. It is meant to be taken in cycles for no more than three consecutive months, followed by at least nine months without it.

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How Are MIC Injections Used In Your Weight Loss Programs?

Methionine inositol choline (MIC) injections are used to help release fat throughout the body by targeting fatty deposits. Inositol helps the liver remove fat. Choline distributes cholesterol and prevents it from being deposited in one part of the body. Methionine is similar to inositol, but acts to amplify the effects of the overall combination. These injections basically work to boost your metabolism, which is key in weight loss.

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How Is B-Complex Used for Weight Loss?

B-complex is a grouping of all the B vitamins. These vitamins are water soluble, dissolved in water instead of being stored in fat. That means your body naturally depletes itself when you perspire or urinate. Vitamin B-complex helps with weight loss because it breaks down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, improving your digestion. Healthy digestion, where your body effectively eliminates toxins and excess fat, is necessary for weight loss.

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How is Vitamin B12 Used?

Vitamin B12 is essential for good health. It makes your DNA, red blood cells, nerves, and helps regulate your nervous system. It is needed for the body to turn food into energy and for immune system function. Vitamin B12 is truly an essential vitamin.

For weight loss, B12 is important in converting fats and proteins into energy, and it is necessary to break down carbohydrates.

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What Method of Medical Weight Loss Is Best For Me?

Maybe you need phentermine to help you fight off food cravings. Maybe you respond to MIC injections. Maybe you respond to the education in how and what you’re eating and how this affects your weight. Maybe you simply need a coach and a friend of sorts to guide you through your weight loss journey.

Every person responds in his or her own way to our medical weight loss programs. That’s why we design each one to fit you.

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How Much Does It Cost?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all medical weight loss plan. For that reason, there isn’t a single cost to give you. Once we see your goals and how you feel you’ll respond best, we’ll be able to design your plan and tell you how much it will cost.

How Long Is The Program?

There isn’t a set time for your weight loss plan. Some of this depends on you and your perseverance. Some of it depends on your individual body. We’re not about quick fixes because we know they simply create the yo-yo effect. We’re in this for the long haul with our patients. For that reason, once you achieve your weight loss goal, we don’t ship you off to your own devices. We move you to our transition phase, and then to maintenance. That way, when you do finally move on, you have all the tools you need to live with and maintain your new slimmer, healthier self for the rest of your life.

How Lond Do The Effects Of Medical Weight Loss Last?

Because we don’t make you eat “our” food, once you achieve your target weight loss goal, you move to transition and then maintenance. These phases involve as much education as anything else, helping you understand food, exercise, and weight. The goal here is to give you the tools to keep the weight off for life.

That’s far different than plans where you have to eat “their” food only. When you hit your number, you’re done. Then when you walk back into the supermarket, watch out! The same is true with fad diets, where you eat an unnatural combination of food. Once you’ve lost the weight and return to a normal diet, you have no idea how to manage things.

Our goal with our medical weight loss patients is for a healthy weight forevermore.

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