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A image of an orthopedics surgeon hands hold a syringe, preparing an Amniotic Tissue Injection in a private clinicAt Infinity Health & Wellness, many of our patients deal with chronic pain. This is often the result of osteoarthritis, colloquially known as “wear and tear” arthritis. Rather than have patients resort to ongoing pain medication, we always seek holistic approaches to helping. An area that is showing real promise is the injection of amniotic tissue.

Here’s more information about this exciting new area of pain relief.

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What is an amniotic tissue injection?

These injections are made with injectable micronized, dehydrated amniotic/chorionic membrane allograft. That’s a mouthful, but this combination of amniotic membrane and amniotic fluid comes from the placenta. Amniotic membrane is a thick basement membrane that makes up much of the inner layer of the placenta. Amniotic fluid is the fluid that surrounds a baby in the womb before birth. These are gathered from reliable hospital sources long after the baby is delivered with full consent from the mother. The tissue and fluid are then dehydrated to make it available to use for injections.

What are the benefits of amniotic tissue injections?

Shot of a mature doctor examining his patient who has received amniotic tissue injections in his kneeThe cells in amniotic tissue have potent growth factor value and healing capabilities. The growth factors present are epidermal growth factor, vascular endothelial growth factor, and transforming growth factor. These proteins are essential for the growth and development of the fetus, which makes their recovery from the placenta exciting for adult healing. These growth factors can be used for various regenerative and repair functions.

Increasing research is showing these injections are effective for reducing pain in patients with pain in various areas — everything from knee pain to plantar fasciitis.

These are natural mechanisms for pain relief and tissue regeneration, allowing patients to avoid prescription pain medications that can become addictive.

Where can amniotic tissue injections be used?

At Infinity Health & Wellness, these are areas we’re using these injections to help our patients with chronic pain:

  • Orthopedics — Amniotic tissue is showing effectiveness when used to improve the function of our joints. When injected, these cells have been shown to regenerate tissue, improve function, reduce pain, and improve the overall quality of life in patients dealing with orthopedic problems.
  • Osteoarthritis — Just about everyone, not just athletes, has to deal with wear and tear arthritis at some point in their life. A lifetime of running, jumping, and just loading our joints during normal day to day life wears out the cushioning cartilage and creates bone on bone issues that lead to pain and loss of function. This happens throughout all of our joints. When amniotic tissue is injected, this seems to delay the degradation of the cartilage. This leads to less pain, and the ability to still take part in some of the activities that seemingly were going to be out of reach. Although more research needs to be done, there appears to be a regenerative ability in these cells when it comes to cartilage in these joints.
  • Athletic injuries and surgery — Following injury or surgery after injury, injections of amniotic tissue speed the tissue repair both in the injured tissues and in the incision location. This is similar to platelet-rich plasma injections that professional athletes have been using for 15 years to speed healing. As with PRP, the growth factors in amniotic tissue are thought to provide these repair functions.

Who would be a good candidate for amniotic tissue injections?

A doctor examining a patients ankle pain from tendonitis of the ankle. A prime candidate for Amniotic Tissue InjectionsIf you have chronic joint pain or issues with tendonitis, such as tennis elbow, this could be a good option for you. Amniotic tissue has regenerative qualities and can work to heal tissue and calm inflammation. If you’ve tried other conservative treatments for these conditions without noticeable improvement, it could be time for you to come to Infinity for amniotic tissue injections.

How are amniotic tissue injections made?

These injections are made directly around the joint where the patient’s chronic pain is originating. The injections are placed both inside the joint and around the supporting structures. For areas of inflammation, such as the outer elbow with tennis elbow, the injections are made around the tendon in a similar way to how cortisone is injected. These only take a few minutes.

Is there recovery after amniotic tissue injections?

Photo of the wrist of an elderly woman. Senior woman suffering from slight soreness in wrist from Amniotic Tissue InjectionsNo. You may have some slight soreness at the injection sites, but that passes in a day or so. These injections do not trigger the initial inflammation that can sometimes accompany cortisone injections.

Are amniotic tissue injections safe?

While relatively new treatments, amniotic tissue injections have proven to be safe and effective. These injections have been given over 10,000 times in the U.S. with no reported side effects. In Europe, where amniotic injections have been used for years, there is a 100 percent safety record with far more patients.

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