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  • Posted on: Jan 15 2020
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Weight LossWhen patients are struggling with reaching their weight loss goals with diet and exercise alone, they may want to speak to the providers at Infinity Health and Wellness to determine if the integration of phentermine would help. Phentermine is a prescription medication that comes in pill form and is taken orally each morning. This medication is best used to help suppress appetite and make patients feel fuller, longer following their meals. Phentermine is a medication that comes with possible side effects, so it is important for patients to be fully educated on the integration of phentermine into their weight loss plan.

I just need to lose a few pounds. Will phentermine help?

Phentermine is best used as a long-term supplement to proper diet and exercise changes to achieve more significant weight loss goals. Patients who just need to address a few extra “holiday pounds” may not be considered the best candidate for phentermine. The best way to learn more about this medication and if it is right for you is by requesting an appointment with Drs. Patrick Hines and Joel Salter. Our team takes into consideration your weight loss goals and your current overall health to decide if this is a viable option for you.

Is phentermine illegal?

Phentermine is not illegal, and was approved as an appetite-suppressing medication by the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in 1959. It continues to be used today to reduce weight gain and promote better nutritional habits for patients who find it difficult to maintain smaller portions due to continued appetite. When used as directed and monitored by professionals, many patients find that phentermine assists them in reaching their weight loss goals faster and with less struggles.

Interested in adding phentermine to your weight loss plan?

Contact the team of Infinity Health and Wellness in Gilbert, AZ to book a consultation appointment with Drs. Patrick Hines and Joel Salter. Call (480) 427-4305 and visit at 2680 South Val Vista Drive, Building 15, Ste. 185. We are here to assist patients with a wide range of products and services to help men and women look and feel their best!

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