Weight Loss for the New Year

  • Posted on: Dec 30 2018
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Medical weight loss Gilbert, AZNow that we’re wrapping up 2018 and looking to the New Year, many people make resolutions. With the continual enlargement of the average American, of course, the most popular resolution is to lose weight. It’s not easy to do on your own; that’s why we offer medical weight loss at Infinity Health & Wellness.

Here’s some more information on just what medical weight loss is and how it can help you keep that 2019 resolution to lose weight!

What is medical weight loss?

At Infinity Health & Wellness, we believe helping our patients lose weight is a team effort. We’re there to guide you down the path to actually lose the weight and then maintain your new weight. Medical weight loss involves including FDA approved appetite suppressants, B12 injections, Lipotropic injections, fat burning supplements, nutritional counseling, and an overall team approach. Beyond just counting numbers, we view this as a process to help you change the way you see food and your body. It is all part of our mission at Infinity for preventive health and wellness.

Three Phases

Our medical weight loss programs involve three phases. We actively supervise you through each phase.

  • Active weight loss — After your initial physical exam, we’ll set an initial calorie goal for you, as you’ve been consuming more than you’re burning. In this phase, we will include selected pharmaceutical appetite suppressants (usually phentermine) to eliminate food cravings. You’ll lose weight quickly in this phase.
  • Transition — Now that you’ve lost a good deal of weight, we remove any appetite suppressants. This phase involves a fair amount of education on your eating habits past and present. You start to understand how this isn’t merely a target reached goal, but a long-term change in how you deal with food.
  • Maintenance — You’re at your target weight. This isn’t the end all, however. You’ve done the work to get to this point, and you haven’t done it with pre-packaged foods and the other crutches used by “weight-loss programs.” You can stick with this, and now it’s time to help you take full control and maintain this healthier weight and a healthier outlook for the long-term.

That’s the basics of how we can help you achieve your weight loss resolution for 2019 — medical weight loss. Call us at Infinity Health & Wellness, (480) 427-4305, and let’s set up a consultation.

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