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  • Posted on: Oct 15 2019
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Achieving your ideal weight can be a journey of self-discovery. Sometimes, adult men and women hit a roadblock in their weight loss goals. At Infinity Health and Wellness, we understand how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle, and we want to help you in reaching your optimal body weight. Gilbert, AZ area patients may find that medical weight loss services are the best way to do so!

What medical weight loss services are available?

At Infinity Health and Wellness, we are pleased to offer a variety of medical weight loss services for new and existing patients in the area of Gilbert, AZ. Below are just a few of the options we provide:

  • Vitamin B12 – many men and women are deficient in Vitamin B12 and might not even know it! At Infinity Health and Wellness, we offer replacement therapy treatment to assist patients in regaining their health and wellness.
  • B-Complex – patients may also consider the benefits of B-Complex injections, which include all the B vitamins needed for proper functions of the body.
  • MIC injections – MIC injections, or methionine inositol choline injections, are used in releasing fat from the body where primary fatty deposits reside. Injections can be administered twice a week to help aid in the breakdown of fatty issue.
  • Phentermine – Phentermine is a weight loss booster for those who struggle with the control of their appetite. This is best for patients who are overweight and who have been unable to reach their weight loss goals due to their appetite.
  • Nutritional support – the development of a healthy diet is important in supporting patients in losing unwanted weight. We offer nutritional support and counseling for patients who want to achieve their optimal weight and do so with traditional diet and exercise.

Are you considering medical weight loss solutions?

Now is a great time to work with the team of Infinity Health and Wellness to achieve your weight loss goals. Connect with Drs. Patrick M. Hines and Joel Salter to discuss your needs by scheduling a consultation visit at Infinity Health and Wellness of Gilbert, AZ. Our team can be reached at (480) 427-4305, and our practice is conveniently located at 2680 South Val Vista Drive, Building 15, Ste. 185.

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