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Urinalysis Gilbert, AZOne of the lab tests we routinely perform for our patients at Infinity Health & Wellness is urinalysis. We analyze urine to diagnose possible conditions that may not be presenting any symptoms. Urinalysis involves checking the appearance, concentration, and content of the urine; abnormal results may point to disease or illness.

Why test the urine?

  • As a barometer of overall health — Urinalysis can simply be a part of a routine medical exam, pregnancy checkup, or preparation for surgery. It can be used to screen for various disorders, such as diabetes, kidney disease, and liver disease.
  • To diagnose a medical condition — If you’re experiencing abdominal pain, back pain, frequent or painful urination, blood in the urine, or other urinary problems, urinalysis can show what’s behind the problems.
  • To monitor a medical condition — If you’ve already been diagnosed with a medical condition, such as kidney disease, regular urinalysis is used to monitor your status.

What are you looking for in the urine?

When we run a urinalysis, we check three aspects of the urine: color, odor, and clarity. Then we look for the presence of or check the levels of any of the following:

  • pH levels
  • Protein
  • Glucose
  • Blood
  • Bacteria
  • Red or white blood cells
  • Nitrites
  • Hormone levels during pregnancy

Urinalysis methods

We test the urine in different ways.

  • Dipstick tests— A test strip or stick can be dipped into the specimen, providing a color change to signify positive or negative results to specific tests.
  • Physical observation — We observe the sample, comparing it to what is normal.
  • Refractometer— A device called a refractometer is used to measure the specific gravity of various substances in the urine.
  • Microscopic analysis— A microscope will show the presence of bacteria, infection, and white blood cells. We can also look for glucose, protein, and other substances.

At Infinity Health & Wellness, we use urinalysis as part of our wellness programs. Call us for an appointment at (480) 427-4305.

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