What Are the Benefits of Testosterone Replacement?

  • Posted on: Sep 15 2019
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At Infinity Health and Wellness, our team of professionals want to assist Gilbert, AZ area patients to look and feel their best. When issues such as hormonal imbalances are impacting a man’s life, it may be time to speak to someone who can help with a solution called testosterone replacement therapy.

What is testosterone replacement therapy?

Testosterone replacement therapy is an enticing and exciting solution to the hormonal imbalances that can occur as men age. It is common for the levels of testosterone to decline as a man ages, which is why treatment options including therapy are a popular solution. Testosterone is a hormone that is produced mainly int eh testicles, and it helps men in maintaining their:

• Sex drive

• Sperm production

• Red blood cell production

• Face and body hair

• Muscle mass and strength

• Fat distribution

• Bone density

While the levels of testosterone typically peak around the time of adolescence and adulthood, it can gradually decline starting around the age of 30. Sometimes the decline is due to aging, while other times it may be an indication of a disease such as hypogonadism.

How is testosterone administered?

Testosterone replacement therapy is aimed at bringing the testosterone levels back to a normal balance. The testosterone hormone is administered in many different ways, including gels, patches, injections, or pellets. When the hormones are in proper balance, men will often feel their best. Testosterone replacement therapy is known for promoting youth and vitality, and can be used in reversing the effects of hypogonadism in those who have been diagnosed. This anti-aging solution is an effective and reliable way of helping men improve their overall health and activity levels. Testosterone replacement therapy can be discussed with a doctor to determine if it is appropriate for an individual based on their specific and unique needs.

Schedule an appointment today to learn about testosterone replacement therapy

If you live in or around the community of Gilbert, AZ and are ready to speak to a professional about the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy, connect with Drs. Patrick Hines and Joel Salter today at Infinity Health and Wellness. The practice is located at 2680 S. Val Vista Drive, Building 15, Ste. 185 and can be reached at (480) 427-4305.

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