Growth Hormones and You

Growth Hormone, Gilbert, AZMost of us don’t give much thought to our growth hormones. We know they’re pretty important when we’re young, hence the term “growth hormones,” but what about when we’re adults?

It’s easy to assume that since we’re no longer “growing” that we don’t need growth hormones as adults, but this isn’t true. Our declining hormone levels actually contribute to many aspects of classic “aging.” Plus, for many people, their decline mirrors a decline in aspects of their quality of life.

We provide growth hormone therapy at Infinity Health & Wellness. Here’s some more information about your body and your growth hormones.


After we hit 30, our body produces and secretes about 14 percent less growth hormone every decade. By the age of 60, we’re producing 75 percent less growth hormone that when we were 20. Growth hormone is primarily released in pulses during sleep. These releases stimulate the liver to release IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-1). Because of declining hormone secretions, this makes for lower levels of IGF-1 in the blood.

So, what does that mean? Less IGF-1 in the blood plays a role in many of the most familiar tenets of aging:

Thinning of our skin

Brittle hair

Graying hair

Increased skin wrinkling

Reduced energy

Loss of muscle and bone mass

Decreased libido

Increased body fat

Bringing IGF-1 back up

What if you could boost IGF-1 levels in the blood to counteract these decreases? That’s the goal of our growth hormone therapy at Infinity Health & Wellness. We do this through what are known as growth-hormone secretagogues, which we will discuss more in this month’s second blog. Before we get to that, here are the benefits of boosting IGF-1 levels in our blood as we age:

Improved immune function

Increased muscle strength and mass

Increased energy

Decreased body fat

Increased sex drive and function

Elevated moods

Improved sleep patterns

Improved memory

Improved skin thickness, texture

Restored hair color

Improved vision

Interested in boosting your growth hormones and turning back the clock? Call us at Infinity Health & Wellness, (480) 427-4305, and schedule a consultation.

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